Products Information

- semi_automatic tray sealing machine -

* Semi-Automatic Tray Sealing Machine(Roll stock) 

Easy to operate the machine with touch PressPanel.

Clean packing with the trimmed cutting.

Possible to use I-Mark Film & Plain Color film simultaneously.

Possible to set the temperature & show the working abilitywith LCD Window.

Possible to make a machine according to the tray shape.

* TCS-201

■ Applicable product

• All heat sealable tray product

• indexing by Air cylinder or Mechnicalcam 

•1Step sealing & cutting

• Wash down construction

■ Specification 

MAX. 8Packs/Min

** Cab make 2UP mold

Source: 220V 3P or 380V 3P

Consumption: 2KW

Air required
2 APP. 7HP

Roll stock and pre cut lid

Filling resist ration mark control

Gas flushing device

Coding device

* All Material is AL with an ordizing.