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Price Computing Scale

PR-II is now even ideal for limited rooms of open markets.

• Lowered Body, Enlarged platter

• Customer Display

• Weight, Unit Price, and Total Price shown on the displays

• Multiple power sources, including USB and adaptor


Weighing & Counting Scale

SW-II is great for multipurpose environment such as restaurants, cafeterias, farmer\'s markets, especially those who have limited room for a scale.

• Lowered Body with large LCD Display

• Rear Display for customers (Optional)

• Counting Mode for all SW-II series

• USB communication & power supply

■ CP500

Environment-friendly Ceramic Scale

CP500 utilizes environment-friendly ceramic tray and GUI, making it a hygienic and smart premium electronic scale.

• High capacity lithium ion battery applied (sub display)

• Resistive overlay touch method color display 

• Compatible with POS using WiFi communication 

• Sub display connection with RF communication

■ AP-1

Price Indication Scale

Price Indication Scale is a price indication scale that enables a more accurate weighing measurements with its Dual interval method

•28 direct PLU and 200 indirect PLU memory 

• More accurate weight measurements with Dual interval method 

• Easy and convenient operation 

• Daily total transaction settlement function


Price Computing Scale

PRPLUS can be used anywhere due to its highly qualified performance and comfortable interfaces achieving OIML certification.

• Simple and easy operation

• High brightness LED display

• Adopted dual interval technology for better accuracy


Price Computing Scale

ER PLUS Price Indication Scale is a price indication scale which calculates

• 5 direct PLU and 200 indirect PLU memory 

• Soft Tact switch 

• RS-232C interface (PC/printer connection)

• Daily total transaction settlement function


Price Computing Scale

ERJR is the best choice if you seek for economic retail weighing solution with high efficiency.

• 4 direct PLUs memory function

• Adopted dual interval technology for better accuracy

• Three high-legible LCD displays with blue backlight

■ HS

Price Computing Scale

• 200 indirect PLUs

• Daily total sales reporting function

• Simple and easy ration

■ EB

Distribution Bench Scale

suitable for various environments such as manufacturing industry, agricultural industry, packaging industry and agriculture and fisheries industries.

• 200 unit price memory : 24 product unit price can be inserted directly 

• Accurate weight measurements with dual interval method 

• Uses chargeable batteries 

• Sleep mode for power-saving