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* Label Printing Scales

■ CL7200

All-in-One Multimedia Scale

CL7200 is a multimedia scale which allows automatic history management system through individual identification numbers.

• Automatic history management function 

• 10.2 \"touchpad (user) and Full color 7 \" display (consumer) applied 

• Supports video clips with Linux-base multimedia scale 

• Convenient remote update function

■ CL5500

Supports beef traceability and livestock grade indication system perfectly

CL5500 Series established powerful network system and is the optimal product which allows efficient management in various distribution companies.

• More powerful network 

• Copious high capacity memory 

• High speed printer 

• Supports livestock grade indication system perfectly 

■ CL5200

Anytime! Anywhere! Anyplace!Anyshop Scale

CL5200 is a product that has acquired OIML 2006, a stringent European certification and is a product appropriate for various distribution market with its large size full graphic display integrated into 1 screen with reasonable price.

• High capacity memory which can save 10,000 products and 1,000 components 

• Cartridge method for easy replacement of labels 

• 45 basic label formats built-in 

• Enables label format settings according to user preference 

■ CL5000J

Label Printing Scale

CL5000J series is the most effective business.

• High-speed thermal printer

• Fast PLU down load : 50PLUs/sec

• Cartridge -loading-type label installation

■ CT100PLUSLabel Printing Scale

Its fast data processing speed is also very effective in retail markets fulfilling high satisfaction to stores and customers.

• PLUs with 30 Function Keys

• Max 8 different clerk sales support

• Max 6 Floating vender function(with RS-485)

■ LP-1Label Printing Scale

LP-1 series design to fit in hyper market, butcher shop and small retail stores.

• Up to 4,000 PLUs, 1,000 messages of each 400 characters

• Pre-pack mode for automatic weighing and labeling

• Printing detail report for each item

• High speed thermal printer.

■ PR-TLabel Printing Scale

PR-T not only gives the best satisfaction to everyone with its speed and accuracy ,but also it is a receipt printing scale which combines price computing function and receipt printing function together.

• Price computing and receipt printing function

• 60mm/sec-fast printing speed

• Economically affordable price

• Clear LED Display